About Us

Erkan Textile Accessory
Setting out with the principle of "Quality That Gives Peace of Mind", it has adopted the principle of customer satisfaction with the production of quality products, and has accomplished successful projects with its dynamic and experienced staff since the day it was founded.

Quality and Robust Products

Our company is advancing with firm steps in the sector and manufactures efficient, reliable, quality and robust products in order to be the pioneer of developments in technology.

Our company provides services with approximately 1000 molds and 5000 kinds of products from embroidery, accessories and buttons to buckles, from buckles to tie ends, from tie ends to stoppers, and has the experience of responding to every demand. The molds and textile accessories, designs and projects that we manufacture and sell have been made within our company and have been produced as a result of long-term and very meticulous studies.

Our Company Goals

Our primary goals are to ensure customer satisfaction by increasing product and service quality day by day, to create a stable and dynamic company structure that adopts quality understanding, to increase employee satisfaction and efficiency, to grow by spreading our exports to the world countries by advancing with our knowledge and experience.